Joe Biden dominates the Democratic field in the Fox News poll for South Carolina

Here’s the poll results:

Biden - 35%
Sanders - 14%
Harris - 12%
Warren - 5%

Why is SC so important, besides being the last primary of February? Because roughly half of the Democrat base in SC is black. If you want to win the Democratic nomination, you have to win over the black vote.

Biden has the most favorable rating among black voters. This happened, despite Harris accusing him of being racist and praising segregationists.

It’s still early…people need to stop thinking Biden is going to be bad.

Granted I wouldnt mind seeing what a harros Warren ticket would do.

It’s still way too early, but the calls among left-wing circles that Biden is toast, Biden is losing it, is wildly pre-mature.

Yeah…one meh debate does not mean you are done.

True. Trump totally skipped one debate because he was afraid of little Megyn Kelly, yet he went on to be president.

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Someone should tell biden’s racist, segregationist ass to drop out.

Or at least ask him if harris and booker are clean and articulate.

Biden is probably the most sane of the bunch. Says more about the bunch than Biden.

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Meh - I remember a lot of people saying the Republican front runner should drop out in 2015 / 2016 as well.

The polling must be fake because its by Fox News.

Trump Republicans want Biden to drop out mainly because Trump will not win Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin again with Biden as the Democratic Nominee.

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I’ve said multiple times that I wish it would be biden, but that I don’t think there’s a chance he’ll be the nominee.

But please, with sugar on top, pick biden. It’ll be funny.

Yeah it’s dumb. People think a soundbite from a debate is going to bury a candidate, of course not.

so who have you voted wise in the past for past presidents, because I use to like you, but now that I’ve studies you, you seem like one of two things. Either part of the Republican Swamp, or a Democrat traitor.

and if I get flagged, then I guess that I can expect u to be a traitor either way. hu?

Then again I did read a post from u where u said that you hated Trump.

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Wow that just took an interesting turn lol.

I even had to take a screenshot of it just for prosperity.

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there are so many so called “Republicans”, and “Conservatives” on here
that back u, and I’ve studies them as well. So I’d like to see what happens to my posts about you, and I’m still curious about u in general?

Especially from their perspective. lol.

I’m just curious, but if you’re so honest as a Democrat poster, than why is you’re profile hidden?

I’m not a Democrat. If you are so good at studying peoples posts youd know that.

As for profiles being hidden well if you have been here long enough youd know why that is.


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I like popcorn

I’ve been a registered republican since I came of age. I voted for

hw bush in 1992
dole in 1996
gw bush in 2000, 2004
mccain in 2008
left my ballot blank for POTUS in 2012 and 2016.

I don’t think I’ve said anything about “hating trump”, so I’m not sure where that came from, but he has disappointed me on multiple occasions. Still better than any possible dimocrat though.

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