Jo Jorgensen 2020?

What do you all think about Jo? Pro’s and Cons? Should she be allowed in the debates? I’m curious

A little background would be helpful.

She is very libertarian. Lower spending. Get rid of gun laws that violate the 2a. She likes free market and less governmental regulation. Pro choice. Pro lgbtq+.

Are you suggesting her instead of Biden?

I’m not suggesting anyone. I’m just curious as to what everyone thinks of her.

Never heard of her, almost no chance you’ll hear from her in the debates.

For what office?

Libertarian for president.

She will be ignored and irrelevant. Even less inspiring than Gary Johnson.Her policy prescriptions are standard LP. Some BLM virtue signaling in recent days.
She wasn’t the choice of Sarwark and his GOP lite brigade and she doesn’t go around naked with a boot on her head.
Not a real reason to leave the house come November

Yup, mail-in ballots ! :call_me_hand:

unless she shows real support she shouldnt be allowed in the debate.
by real support im thinking something in the 5-10% area