Jimmy Carter post President life goal is almost complete

after leaving office Carter made it one of his mission in life to outlive the Guinea Worm Disease. Which is a painful parasite. when he started the number of reported cases yearly was over 3 million that number has dropped to 20 in 2015.

South Sudan is the latest country to become free from this horrible disease.

Yesterday, the minister of health for the country of South Sudan announced that they had successfully put a stop to transmission of Guinea Worm Disease.

This means that they have achieved a 15-month period of no reported cases of Guinea Worm. Since the Guinea Worm has a lifecycle of about twelve months, fifteen months with no cases means that the disease isn’t coming back unless it is reintroduced from the outside


Good for him!

A good man. Carter is a great ex-president.

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He has been a great ex-president.

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Imagine the current president working so hard for a cause like this.

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Jimmy Carter’s heart is gigantic.

Time Magazine near the end of the Carter presidency.

Mar 24, 1980
As Jimmy Carter stepped before the television cameras in the East Room of the White House last Friday, his task was not just to proclaim another new anti-inflation program but to calm a national alarm that had begun to border on panic. Inflation and interest rates, both topping 18%, are so far beyond anything that Americans have experienced…

18% Interest, 18% Inflation, and unemployment on it’s way past 10%.

How do ya do that in JUST 4 years?

Current presidents would be tarred and feathered for doing that.

He’s more of the ilk to take full page ads out asking for the execution of blacks who are innocent of the crime they are being accused of.

To completely ignore the Fed’s role in the interest rate and inflation is silly.

carter may be the best ex president weve ever had.
a true mensch

Do you think the Fed moves by flipping a coin, or in response to a bad economy?

Interest rates and inflation are opposing forces.

  • In a weak economy, the Fed gets to choose between (such things as) 36% inflation or 36% interest rates, or 18% each. It’s called tbe Philips curve.

  • In a strong economy the choice is 4% or 4% or 2% of each.

After 4 years of Jimmy Carter, those were the choices.

Presidents get too much credit for economic good times and too much criticism for economic bad times.

There was a unique set of circumstances in the 1970s…much of it beyond any President’s control.

Same thing is happening today.

I can’t remember when the gas crisis ended but that was a pain in the arse.

ETA: there was a 1979 oil crisis and a 1973 oils crisis

They do… to an extent.

If Donald Trump brings an economy so bad the Fed raises interest rates to 18% and inflation is STILL 18%, I would be mildly disappointed. lol

Yes there was, strange how that ended after he was gone.

AND, when people in a normal economy encounter higher gas prices, they spend less on something else. No net change in demand means no net change in inflation.

Only when people feel trapped, do they keep spending on everything. Heck even 18% inflation rates could not convince them to stop borrowing (at interest) and start saving (at interest).

Either the whole of America was doing something wrong, needlessly panic themselves out of savings, or someone else was doing wrong and they responded rationally.

Either way, the greatest generation retired on bupkis savings and paid very-inflated prices. It kinda sucked to be them.

“According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics consumer price index, the dollar experienced an average inflation rate of 9.73% per year. Prices in 1980 are 45.0% higher than prices in 1976.”

Imagine that in the final years before you retire everything you will ever want to buy before retirement increases 45% in price.

Kinda bad.

North Sea oil fields ended the 1980s energy crisis far more than anything Ronald Reagan ever did.

Had nothing to do with Carter being there or not.

Some who didn’t live through the Carter years fail to realize that he got hit with some pretty chaotic troubles.
Vietnam war bill came due.
Rise of Islamic Radicals
The end of the WW2 baby boomer over the top growth.
Not giving him a pass on how he handled it.
Just a explaination of what he had to deal with over such a short time.
Reagan had 4 years to sit on the sidelines and come up with a gameplan while Carter was in office.
Jimmy was flying blind into uncharted territory.

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Inflation was already accelerating before carter. Who remembers ford and whip inflation now

Ford has 10% unemployment and 12% inflation