Jill Biden channels Peggy Hill

I looks like the handler-in-chief has been getting Spanish lessons from Peggy Hill. Does she have a promising career as a Spanish teacher once she leaves the White House?

Probably not…and King of the Hill was an awesome show

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Do we now have to talk about Joe Biden’s narrow urethra?

I would rather be talking about propane and propane accessories

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and I thought that was Benny’s wife or sister…

Mmm hmmm. Yep.

Wow, I agree with you rightists on this one. Jill sucks at Spanish.

they couldn’t find one spanish speaking person to review the speech???

I mean it could be worse, she could have stolen Michelle Obama speech word for word.

The last one spoke 5 languages…

Just sayin…

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Or written her doctorate on education riddled with so many spelling and grammatical errors it makes joe sound intelligent…like joe Eagle even…

Why is this problematic?

Is there a requirement now to be fluent in Spanish?

A public figure really oughta learn to pronounce a three word phrase if it’s going to be part of a speech they give. Especially if it is designed to whip up the passions of people who’s native tongue is in that language.

So say it with me! “See say pwah-dway”

The phrase is just gibberish in any language.

The closest thing to this gaff is Clinton using the Russian word for “overload” instead of “reset” on the button to reset relations back in 2009. That was bad translation, but at least it had some meaning in Russian.

Yo, semite.

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Si, se puede Si say PWAYthey is yes, it’s possible.

It’s kind of funny listening to her say it, kind of humorous wondering where she learned to pronounce the ay sound of the Spanish e as aw, but still nothing to lose sleep over.

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Yeah, and it’s amazing how many were nasty about her:

Having listened to the former FLOTUS, her English is great.

It’s a shame a talented comedienne was so mean spirited. Ruthless People is still a great comedy film.

What she said sounds more like:

Sisé, padre!

Which means “I pilfered, cool!”

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Jill does it again!