Jeffrey Epstein's socialite 'madam' Ghislaine Maxwell 'is being hidden from the FBI

Our Greatest Ally™ is giving refuge to one of the most heinous child traffickers in modern history because she worked for their government.

No big deal or anything.

Here: Ghislaine Maxwell is reportedly a foreign spy hiding in Israel | Daily Mail Online

Your article is nothing more than supposition and unsupported accusations from anonymous sources.

Her father was Mossad, the guy was buried with high honors with former heads of Israeli intelligence in attendance.

This story should be front page news, but the US media has effectively buried it. This is what Congress should be investigating.

From what it looks like, Mr Epstein was running a honeypot operation for Mossad, so they could blackmail US politicians and other powerful people.

If you even look at his first bust in 2008, Florida authorities were being pressured at the federal level.

There’s no evidence to support the claims in the story, it’s nothing but Jew Hating Rumor Mongering.

You don’t think this Epstein story one of the biggest human trafficking/prostitution stories in US history?

His alleged suicide is beyond suspicious too.

This intelligence business looks like it can get really messy.

Read your OP?

Does it address human trafficking or does it attack Israel?

What was your first reaction to my post?

You started going on about her father being Mossaad.

It’s very likely he was Mossad. Why else would be buried with state honors? Why else would the former heads of Israeli intelligence attend his funeral? Seymor Hersh covered this in his expose on Isreal’s nuclear arsenal. It was covered in his book on the subject. The story intersects with Mordecai Vanunu and Ari Ben-Menashe.

If Epstein and Maxwell were working for Mossad, and many suspect they were, given all the red flags diabolical and evil story, Israel is implicated by default

Why would she hide in a place with a extradition treaty, like there are so many better places to go.

Israel has refused extradition on multiple occasions, especially if you’re an Israeli citizen or if you become a citizen based on the Law of Return.

The country doesn’t follow international law or norms unless it suits their objectives.

I have not paid much attention to Epstein.

The premise here is interesting.

I suspect she will commit suicide, or inexplicably disappear with plastic surgery and a new identity.

Looks to me like she would know as much as Epstein they were together quite often and not camera shy.


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I would not be surprised to see the Israelis extract everything they can get from her and then either return her to the US assuming she’s there or quietly have her killed somewhere else.