Jeff Sessions Is Back To Keep America Great in 2020

Welcome back Jeff.

Perhaps I was a little too critical of you.

It’s good to have him back in the fold.

Maybe he’ll run for Senate next year.


So the standard is : always support and praise President Egg McMuffin

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It’s the only means by which to determine who has America’s best interests at heart, and who is a godless subversive.



Jeff Sessions has zero self respect.

Trump insulted and belittled him, yet here comes Sessions craving a tummy tub from Trump.

Seriously, do you think Sessions family look at Jeff and think there is a man I can respect and want to be like?

Politics aside if your boss treated you like Trump treated Sessions wouldnt your self respect demand you either spoke up for yourself or just took yourself out of the orbit of that person?


Ted Cruz Syndrome

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He threw his elected office for… Donald Trump!


Jesus, do any of these so called men have any balls whatsoever.

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An excellent Senator and I hope he does come back as such.
He should never, ever, never try to be an Attorney General again.
Holder must have had a huge laugh to watch Sessions recuse himself.

My point exactly.

I would feel the same if this was a Democrat.

So called Conservative men have tried to project a rugged, individualistic, no crap taking image when in reality the are all like Jeff Sessions and as @anon14033751 pointed out Ted Cruz.

And to think so called cons made fun of Obama because he wore a cycling helmet!!!

I’ll give Sessions one thing - he did have the honor to recuse himself during the investigation into Russian meddling with the election.

That being said, had I been in his shoes - the first time Trump sent one of his man - child tweets about me without being man enough to discuss any issues face to face like a man, my resignation letter would be on Trump’s desk as soon as I could write it and I wouldn’t look back.

Maybe, just maybe, Jeff and Trump were playing for the cameras, and to distract the Dems and deep state and let them think they were winning, while the real investigations into real crimes were being done behind their backs and without leaks. Maybe, once sufficient evidence was gathered, Jeff retired for rest, and Barr stepped in for the clean up phase.

He should run against Jones. He could easily get his seat back.

Even if that was true which we both know its not. What type of man would allow himself to be publicly humiliated. If my boss asked me if he could humiliate me in front of my family, friends and everyone who ever known me for the good of his business I would tell him no.

Self respect is self respect - Sessions has none. Sessions is a spineless worthless human being who is desperate to remain relevant and in the orbit of power.


A man whose ego is not bigger than his love for his country.

Ego? Who is talking about ego and please a Trump supporter trying to preach to me about ego LMAO.

Self respect is not ego. If you do not know what self respect is then I cannot help you.

But please continue to think up these fantastical theories to explain away Sessions being a spineless human being.

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I guess the Hollow Tree Cookie Factory is all caught up…


I’m just saying, "Things may not be as the seem on their face. "

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This has nothing to do with love of country. It has to do with one man allowing another man to insult and humiliate him without standing up for himself.

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So you like it when people stand up for themselves?? Or others??