Jason Chaffetz: Trump's border wall may get funding after all

I always suspected that there were ways in which to build the wall with discretionary dollars that aren’t specifically authorized for the wall. Trump loosely mentioned the Pentagon budget but I believe there might be other places he could look.

Chaffetz states that Trump has been attempting to go by the book, but with the impending DEM takeover I’m betting he will simply ignore them and move forward without them. Chaffetz would be in a position to know how this would work and has pointed out that all prior Presidents have done this kind of unauthorized spending in the past.

Then why doesn’t he just sign the CR and avoid shutting down the government?

Ram it down our thoatz!!!

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I was thinking he would do it quietly, but tout the results as progress is made.

Isn’t that literally what we fought a revolution over? Spending money without representation?

Good to see conservatives showing their true colors.

Optics. I believe he needs to make a strong statement.

Optics. Trump cares about optics? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Pretty much every President has done what Chaffetz is talking about. Why should Trump alone be held accountable for what every President before him has done?



Interesting. I think it makes the exact opposite statement. More like he’s scared shirtless of his base.

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With Trump its all about optics. Everything!

We might actually be saying the same thing. I believe he is scared of losing his base, thus the strong statement.

Ironically, I believe he could likely achieve more by quietly working behind the scenes in the manner Chaffetz outlines. He could then trot out his success, as the border wall takes shape.

How do you spend money without paying for it? If I’m paying for it and I did not have a representative vote on it, what do you call that?

Optics means carrimg about what anyone except him and his base think. If Trump could have done this he already would have ages ago.

Then why has the GOP not filed suit in all these cases before? I can assure you, the house will sue Trump under the Misappropriation Act and will win easily…

It’s not a strong statement. It’s what cowards do. Take their ball and go home.

I also seriously doubt he will do what Chaffetz suggests. He’s too incompetent and his staff is equally so.

He isn’t getting his wall as long as the Democrats have the House. Period. End of story.

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Of course, every time Trump tries to use funding from the US, he is essentially admitting he can’t fulfill his promises - specifically, the promise that Mexico would pay for this wall.

I thought Mexico was supposed to pay for it…

You haven’t been keeping up with the news!

At a 6:45 pm news conference,

Chuck Schumer stomps his feet, holds his breath, and while turning blue he promises to shut down government by not passing the spending bill in the Senate which will be sent over from the House!

So, as it turns out, it is Chuck-boy Schumer who has promised to shut down the government. Surprise, surprise, surprise! Who would have known?


## Illegal immigration is now costing American citizens over $18 billion a year in healthcare costs alone, far more than the measly $5 billion asked for to build a wall! LINK

Donald already took ownership of it.

He’s proud to do it.

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