JARRETT: Rosenstein’s Departure from the DOJ Will ‘Restore’ Law and Order | Sean Hannity

Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett weighed-in Wednesday on recent media reports that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein would likely be leaving the Department of Justice within weeks; saying the move will help “restore the rule of law” at the DOJ.

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I hope so! Our country has not been ours in a long time. Obama and his minions tried to sell us out from within. They sat on the mountaintop and looked down upon us. They gave us obamacare, while they had the best insurance money could buy. They live in the finest homes, while the homeless fight for a warm place to sleep. The eat the finest foods at the best restaurants. While their bellies are full hundreds of children are going to bed hungry. These same people are above the law the very laws that they created and placed upon us. It’s time to take back our country. No one is better than the other. If the American people must have obamacare , then everyone will have Obamacare. The laws don’t just apply to common folks. The laws belong to us all. We do not take care of some other country or somebody that is not United States citizen, until every last man, woman, and child has a home and food on the table.

Rob Rosenstein needs to be denied the right to retire and either resign without benefits or await investigation when we get a new AG. Let’s say for a moment any of the charges are true. The actions of Rob Rosenstein has made any action effectively mute in court because they have tainted the evidence. FBI Comey is also another joke who can’t remember anything under oath but he recalled everything to write a book?