January 22nd marks the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit or Year of the Cat, depending on which variant of the lunar calendar you consult

Happy Chinese New York and/or Tet.

Beginning of the Year of the Rabbit in China or Year of the Cat in Vietnam.

I have been to Vietnam for Tet, always a fun time. :smile:

Love Chinatown NYC ! :metal: :dumpling: :dragon:

I know a lot of guys who would adamantly disagree with that. :neutral_face:

Not an auspicious beginning to the New Year

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The tiger clearly has no intention of giving up his reign. :smile: :smile: :smile:

Reminds me of Trump. :wink:

It means that the problems of 2022 will continue to dominate 2023.
Stocks will continue to crash, baby formula shortage, switches to egg shortage will switch to some other shortage this year. Cowboys kicker will still miss.

In some years, things change a lot. This year, not so. same stuff different year.

Kinda been that way since 2020. :wink:

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Well in the Chinese worldview, something NEVER change.

“In. the Ming dynasty my family were poor rice farmers. Then came the Qin and we were poor rice farmers. China broke into pieces, then came the Nationalists, then the Communists and today we were always poor rice farmers.”
— We could almost make it a Chinese poem.

Too bad they don’t have country western music … that sounds like a good theme for a song. :wink:

LOL Well they are not real big on saying “This time will be different” or “If we just get the right government things will be different,” but when the tiger eats the the rabbit it means things aren’t even running in cycles. This year will be an exact repeat of last year.

Well, I do understand the 1968 Tet Holiday was kind of a bummer.


If I know my Chinese zoos, and I think I do.

The rabbit was likely fed to the tiger once the cameras were gone.


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Hey baby tigers deserve a good Lunar New Year meal too!

The one down in Menlo Park a few days ago wasn’t much fun either.

Boy the Libs were frothing at the mouth to call that an anti-Asian hate crime … you could virtually taste the disappointment when they found out that the shooter was Asian.