Jan 2020 Jobs Report - Good News?!?!

January 2020 added 225,000 jobs with unemployment ticking up slightly to 3.6% [1].

Wages of all employees increased 7 cents, while wages of production and non-supervisory employees rose by 3 cents.

Pretty good jobs report to start the year. Continuing the longest expansion in history.

  1. Employment Situation Summary

This is good news.

And the President has gotten some good fortune from nature…China is being hammered economically because of the coronavirus outbreak, and as such they are showing willingness to drop tariffs and be amenable to US interests.

Hopefully the President takes advantage of this fortune.

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Wow $0.07 increase. Santa arrived early this year.

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225000 is pretty good. The trend is the same. Although, job growth on average has been down since Trump was elected as you can see below.

We need at least 300k to keep up with population growth!

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As to be expected, especially after putting the hammer down on policies that Hurt America and favored Globalism.

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Thanks for the good news. :+1:


So we believe the numbers now?

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Good News!!!(???)!!!

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Overall good news. We continue to grow which is great. There are a couple of areas of caution to continue watching though.

Thank you to President Trump for clearing out the deep swamp that is the BLS to make sure we dam believe the same exact numbers we didn’t believe just a few years earlier and we can now call them booming.

Great news btw


Why were we having better jobs numbers under Obama when he was actively trying to hurt America? We’re seeing steady moderate growth like we’ve seen since well before Trump took office. Not complaining, but growth has been moderate.

Everyone before Trump was screwing America over by sending manufacturing jobs overseas.

Here’s some you know, facts. I ran a manufacturing jobs report using the Bureau of Labor Statistics from 2010 to present. After the great recession the numbers bottom out in March 2010. Then they steadily rise for the almost last seven years under Obama. And the steady rise continues under Trump. And by the way, manufacturing is stagnant for the past year and actually lost 12,000 jobs this month.

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Actually anything before Trump was a sell out, why do think Trump redid Nafta? Because everyone before Trump was a sell out.

Has unemployment in the U.S. ever been 2.x%? Attainable or no?

Let me swat at the “Obama hated America” meme.

If that is true, the increasing job numbers under his watch show that the president doesn’t have as much effect on jobs as some claim.

But, if job creation IS a reflection of the President, like those who give Trump big ups for the continued job growth, they are also refuting the “Obama hates America” claim.

Like how bubble universes in the multiverse have different laws of physics…the bubble realities in our multi-reality world have different laws of logic.

Doublethink is very strong in certain bubble realities.


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On the report, congrats to Trump on a good report. Keep up the good work.

Yes, for a period of time in the 50s and I would guess during WW2 (we don’t have official data that far back).

If there was ever a time, I suppose that would be it. Wonder what it would take (sans war) for something like that to happen again… :thinking: