Jack Ryan Series on Amazon Good To Watch

Frankly I had dedicated myself to NOT watch this much promoed barn burner… Just figgered the new and improved Jack Ryan would be your typical Hollystrange wussie Obama supporter. Prolly dedicated to tracking down long in the tooth Tea Partiers…

Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime

However the arkle below got me to the remote out of curiosity.

I figgered that if it was getting blasted by libs then what the heck. I took a chance. I highly recommend it. (Subject to change if the series goes Hollystrange.)

It’s playing out too much like a clone of Homeland.

I"m watching it. I haven’t seen Homeland. It’s enjoyable to keep me through about 5 eps so far. I usually only watch one at a time, even when I have the time.

Do you have any sources that liberal outlets are blasting this show?

Liberal outlets. TheBlaze doesn’t count.

Yeah I literally just finished episode 5 when I posted that. It’s entertaining and I like Jim Halpert, but I wouldn’t lose sleep if I didn’t finish the series. Solid B-.

Yeah. I’m comfortable with a B-. It’s the type of show that I would watch while I lied in bed at night, except there’s too many subtitles for my tired eyes.

Does that mean I could watch Homeland while i’m looking for dreamland?

I’m a little disappointed in how they developed Suleiman. I thought he was a much better character when he was cloaked in mystery and basically just pissed off at the IDF. I knew the show wouldn’t ever get above B- when Halpert is like, “he’s bringing everyone together, Sunni AND Shia”. This guy is healing a 1,500 year old rift with $9 million and hokey speeches.

Well, maybe I continue to avoid Homeland. I found out I can rewatch American Gods on Amazon because I apparently have Starz. Rewatching shows is always a good option for nighttime viewing.

I’d also like to point out to The Blaze readers that Wendell Pierce, Halpert’s co star absolutely eviscerates Trump on a fairly regular basis.

I really did like homeland at the start because I like Damien Lewis and Mandy Patinkin. I just lost interest after a while.

Not to make this thread political, but the OP seemed to think the people blasting the show were libs, but they sourced TheBlaze for their criticism.

I really liked Lost at the start, but yada yada yada, I still watched to the end because that is who I am.

Did you even look at the arkle? It wasn’t ToBlazes doing the blasting. They only regurgitate. They name sources. Do your homework.

Ok. Let me put more than 5 seconds into a reply to one of your threads. I’ll click your arkle.

Their “sources” is a review by Sonia Saraiya.

I’ve never heard of Sonia Saraiya before. Have you?

Are more people besides Sonia Saraiya ‘blasting’ this show? Why should I care about this woman’s opinion.

It seems you give her opinion a lot of credence.

I stopped watching Vikings. I might check it out.

Im too interested in watchin Ozark!

I get sidetracked by my 100th run through of the office.

LOL Good series.

I don’t give anything. The point you made was that ToBlazes was opinionating. I simply replied that it was not. It was vomiting. You just changed the subject.