It's time to play a little Caption that in the old days. What is the first lady thinking right now?

She is a beautiful lady don’t get my wrong…but what is going on in her mind right now. That expression is too priceless to not caption. I’ll Start. It’s too easy.

My God would you look at just how small his hands are?!!!?

Wow. His hands really are small.

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“I really need to look at that prenuptial agreement and see how much I get if I leave him now…”

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“I’m ready to activate my lazer beam eyes. Pew Pew”

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"Lavendar, Pink and Orange…what was he thinking?

“Not tonight, dear”

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“Mueller Mueller, Witch Hunt, Fake Media, Fake News, Witch Hunt, Unfair attacks, Blah Blah Blah”.

“Can he please put his hands down. This is embarrassing.”

“Put up with tiny-fingered orange man for a few years, mama said…bring us to America and then divorce - now a rich and free young woman, she said…”

“What are small, orange, has 10 digits, and always left me unsatisfied?”


“I’m so glad school lunches are no longer N. Korean gruel like under Obama”

Ok…that was a good one. It really made me laugh.