It's time for American people to know who is really leading our country

We all know it’s not Biden…so who?

Who was it that cut the feed to Biden when Biden agreed to take couple questions?

Who has that power to stop Biden from doing so?

Who has the final say whether or nor military action is required?

Who is really speak to foreign leaders?

American people have a right to know.

Meanwhile it appears Harris is taking a crash course on foreign policy.

I think our country is in great danger…miss calculations with foreign adversary drag this country into needless war while American people will pay the price…whether it is financially or freedoms.

Take a look at our southern border. That crises had ended under Trump and now it’s totally out of control because someone that we haven’t elected decided it’s good idea to open that border up.

Are we being ruled by elitist Oligarchs?

And poor Biden…he will get blamed for all this. Libs have used mentally handicapped individual to force their version of government on American people.

Not cool man…not cool at all.

Now I know libs here will attempt to troll this thread…but my God man…what the ■■■■ have you done?


She’s the president they secretly wanted, but could never get elected. :man_shrugging:


Could be.

But who has the power? Clearly it isn’t Biden or Harris.

You know what I think…they didn’t expect Biden to win. He was sacrificial lamb. They didn’t expect media and tech companies to pull it off…that and fraud etc.

So many unanswered questions out there and American people has a right to know.

Whoever is in charge obviously hates the idea of American peace and prosperity. The new admin is going to great lengths to retard progress already made.


I can report as per the ABC (Australia) link below that Joe Biden, the President of the USA, spoke to Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister of Australia, by phone recently.

Scott Morrison and Joe Biden discuss COVID-19, climate and China in first call - ABC News

So many.


Oddly enough on betting sites she is favored to win the presidency in 2024

Here come the tan suit, Dijon mustard, and coffee salute “controversies”.

The CEC machine at full power, dispensing claptrap to its eager consumers.

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Why is that odd?

Do I need to explain why it’s odd that the VP is favored to win in 2024 when the incumbent POTUS has said he will be running again?

It’s all good.

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It’s a joy to watch you on your rich, personal journey.


No, she’s not the one they want, but she’ll do.

Personal all you have?


How do you like that political realignment?

Libs lost their liberal card, they’re for censorship, big corporations, dealing with fascist regime like China, globalism over Americans. List goes on and on.


Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t believe that because a sitting president of the USA says he or she is running again at this point in the electoral cycle that automatically gives that person the right to be the nominee for that party. With respect to odds they reflect the weight of money on a particular outcome and the bookies considerations of the result.

It’s odd and has never been seen before on betting sites even during impeachment for the VP to be favored over the POTUS in winning the next election.

It is not odd at all. It is a judgment call by the bookie and the weight of money invested.

She’s the most useful.


Lol biden is potus.

He is the decider.