It's Biden economy now

With destruction of energy independents with tens of thousand of jobs and increase taxation going to rob any economic growth that we would be expecting after the pandemic.

I just heard NY state won’t recover until 2025. California economy is in free fall with no end in sight.

Biden is trying to sell his economic deal in attempt to take advantage of low interest rates…something that Trump wanted to do by house refuse to act under his administration all the while gas prices are starting to shoot up cause more pain for American people.

I say libs are off to a good start.


Remember the last time a Democrat inherited a ■■■■■■ economy from a Republican predecessor and everything turned to ruin shortly thereafter? Yeah, me neither.

Remember the last few times a Republican inherited a good economy from a Democrat predecessor and promptly turned it into a ■■■■■■ one? Good times.


As goes the Keystone XL pipeline this goes the nation.

But will they ever admit it. No.

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Well ya gotta give the OP credit…At least this time they waited until the new Dem POTUS took office. In 08’ it was Obama’s economy as soon as it looked like he would win. Of course the economy was already in the crapper, convenient how that worked out.

DAY 1 looked pretty healthy to me?

I expect the green energy initiatives to absolutely derail our energy sector. If they go after healthcare as well, they’ll create more problems than they solve. Object lesson here is that even bad ideas will still win over no ideas, and Republicans need to develop viable policy if they ever hope to return to power on a national level.


Republicans would have to develop policy… any policy first.

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Yeah, about that healthcare bill…

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Stocks are down today. RECESSION!

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That is actually more true than you wish.


Salute the marines!

They have…and was working great too until libs just destroyed it.

They had over a decade to put SOMETHING in writing, and it never happened. Obamacare was designed to fail to usher in a national healthcare system, which will collapse because progressives don’t believe in controlling immigration. I’ve said for years that I’d be open to discussing ALL manner of social benefit expansion if we actually chose to close our borders except for qualified assets, but it will never happen.

Yup, add to that the new regulations to comply with, green new idiocy, & $15.00 minimum wage. Can you say inflation?

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It has nothing to do with Republicans.

Benign neglect is a wonderful policy for central government.

This was epic!!


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Evidence of media bias…Exhibit A.

Evidence of diminished capacity…Exhibit A.

We are only at inauguration plus 4.

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Would have been nice if the republicans offered a viable health care plan during the 4 years term of Donald trump.

None was forthcoming.


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they still will

remember it was “Obama’s economy“ until democrats started killing the economy over covid