It's a start .. GOP Congressman introduces carbon tax bill in House

Finally, an acknowledgment by someone in the GOP that something needs to be done even though the Congressman said he expects the bill to fail in the GOP-controlled House. Well, there’s always next year when the Dems take over.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Republican lawmaker in the U.S. House of Representatives introduced a bill on Monday calling for a carbon tax, saying he hoped the legislation would at the very least renew a U.S. debate on climate change that has languished for a decade.

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He lost his re-election bid.

I saw a tweet and figured that was a new story. It’s from July. Thanks, lulubee.

Probably just introduced it in the first place to appear less crazy to his constituents, who experience the effects of climate change every time it rains in Miami and streets are under water all over. Didn’t work - he still lost.