It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a UFO

A recent video debunks the Navy videos allegedly showing UFOs whose motion “violated physics as we know it”. The video presents a good case that the images were just large birds. High apparent speed of the tracked object is just an illusion created by the relative motion of the jet compared to a bird flying at a much lower speed.

The new analysis certainly looks credible, which raises a question about why the government would claim that flying birds were really exotic aircraft of unknown origin. Assuming that the Navy videos are really avian in origin, I see two possibilities for the origin of the UFO story:

  1. Government video analysts are totally incompetent and can’t recognize a bird when they see one.

  2. The UFO story is deliberately misleading. If you say that is ridiculous, consider this story from the 1970s that used deep-sea mining as a cover story for a CIA project to recover a Soviet sub:

Howard Hughes, an eccentric, reclusive billionaire, agreed to be the cover story for the CIA plot to retrieve the Soviet sub. He announced that he would build a huge ship to mine valuable manganese nodules from the floor of the Pacific Ocean. In reality, the CIA was working with Hughes to build a one-of-a-kind ship to raise the sunken sub.

What do you think is going on?

Do we have real alien spacecraft that are able imitate birds?

Or just a government that is either incompetent or deliberately deceptive?

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The world class pilots who saw the object with their own eyes must be as incompetent as the government video analysts.

Ufologists have made the claim that it’s all a false flag under the guise of an alien invasion in order to consolidate world governments.

I just want to believe, so I’d appreciate more declassified encounters.

Here is a 28 minute documentary on the events, persons, and places involved.

The pilots are used to looking at aircraft. The ability of the Navy jet to track a bird given its small size and tiny IR image is remarkable and unexpected.

The most likely explanation is that the jets had recently got an upgrade to the tracking system. The pilots’ reactions are genuine in my opinion.

I would always go with people making mistakes in identifying terrestrial objects or animals before I make the leap to aliens.

A combination of eyes, jets, ships, and telescopes on the deck of the ships all saw something, and none of them appear to know what a bird looks like.

Yes. I had assumed that the government analysists would review the video using techniques such as those outlined in the OP before claiming that the tracked object was violating the laws of physics as we know them.

If the purpose of the videos is some sort of deception, then it seems to be directed toward the general public. Military analysts in Russia or China or other countries should be capable of recognizing a bird.

No. They are “ducks”

People are just dumb or jokesters.

These world class airmen just finished a bong hit and are having fun. The “'rotation” is the angle and wings flapping.

A lot of people are confusing what the pilots say they saw with their eyes vs what the pilots saw on through their sensors.

Watching something “teleport” on a sensor is a lot different than seeing it with your eye peepers.