It takes a real SEAL to track down the fakes (Actually it should be entitled "Just how gullible are people?")

This is another Seal poser. But this one seems to be a lesson in just how gullible people are.

Claims: Navy Rear Admiral, Delta Force, Seal, flew combat missions in Vietnam.

Truth: Served in the Marine Reserves for 6 years. Never saw combat. Was a Radio Telegraph Operator. Left the service as an E-5 Sergeant.

Evidently this guy has been flinging his feces for quite some time, to promote his self defense school. He tells his students this crap. He told a 14 year old prospective Navy recruit this crap. He was spreading it in various military hangouts.

He even gave a toast in honor of the Navy’s 244th birthday wearing his poser Rear Admiral uniform.

Don Shipley, who is a REAL retired Seal who busts the fakes noticed coverage of the guy and tipped off the local news that the guy was a fake. They finally took the guy down on camera and he finally admitted he was full of ****.

But the very fact that people actually bought this bull **** for as long as they did is a rather bad sign of how ******* gullible people are.

Seal+Delta Force+Vietnam combat pilot=REALLY???!!!

He was wearing three distinguished flying crosses and had a Presidential Unit Citation that was being worn upside down.

Since he profited off this deception, I think he should prosecuted for fraud. He promoted his business under false pretenses. Not to mention all the free food he evidently got.

A class action suit by his students would be fitting but it’s doubtful any would file since it’s doubtful his pockets are deep enough for any atty to take the case.


Thanks Obama for signing the Stolen Valor Act. It passed nearly unanimously in House and Senate (three Republicans voted against it). A great example of bipartisan legislation.

Jesse Ventura is another poser. He was not a SEAL and he never saw combat although he claims both of these things and even wears a SEAL Trident.

Ventura was a Frogman (UDT). He spent the Vietnam War on a ship in the South China Sea waiting for assignments that never came.

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These are the real stolen valor pukes. Leave the disabled kids alone who are just walking down the street in a costume.

Nice to see that Obama was continuing something that GW Bush started in 2005.

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Yep. Bush’s was declared unconstitutional. Obama’s fixed it. Kudos to both.

Just a minor John Kerry-ish embellishments by someone who served six years as E-5 Sergeant Radio Telegraph Operator in the Marine Corps Reserve with no time in Vietnam and sells mini-flashlights and bamboo weapons around metro Atlanta :

McDaniel piloted Marine Corps combat EA-6B and Prowler jets missions in Vietnam (two tours) …fought with Army’s elite Delta Force and served 20 years as a Navy SEAL … been to Syria with Delta (Force)… helped with the recent killing of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi… part of the operational …meet the President and got to shake his hand and said hello … wears Navy rear admiral uniform without a combat action ribbon, wearing a Presidential Unit citation upside down and three distinguished flying crosses…promised to help a 14-year-old get into the Naval Academy.

At least McDaniel didn’t protest by throwing other people’s ribbons over the White House fence.

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