It seems that even governors don't have complete power over their state

As more people are pushing back against dictatorial governors in libs stronghold they’re finding out that power doesn’t even rest with them…that real power just my be the people.

And that brings me great joy. It’s time for those democrats to realize you cannot control the will of people no matter how much you threaten them, fine them etc. They will push back against the system you created.

So power may not rest with Trump…but power doesn’t really rest with states either.

This may very well be real lesson when things are done.


Where are you getting this information from?

It’s well documented.

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Where ever the journey takes me.

Are you denying that real power rest with the people?

Funny that libs attacked Trump comment that he has complete authority…then watching libs governors come running saying he doesn’t that they have the authority over there state.

Well…they don’t…unless you want to deny we the people having that authority?

Well do you?

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Okay, well then it shouldn’t be difficult for @conan to provide a news source for his information.

Come on libs and tell me that We The People don’t have that authority.

Come on @conan, show me where you’re getting this information from.

well documented in the minds of crazy people

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You case you haven’t figured it out…I make my own talking points, my own conclusions. Try it sometimes.

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What governor claimed complete power over their state?

Did governors come out and say that only they have power to open up their state…yes or no?

I didn’t ask for talking points, I asked where you’re getting the information from?

Consider me as unnamed source.

They made the correct claim that Trump’s claim of total authority was incorrect. They did not in turn claim complete power over their state. Non-sequitur on your part.

Only two masks in the crowd.
I hope they can shoot the virus off of themselves.

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That makes no sense. Where did you get the information for the OP from? You said yourself the information brings you “great joy”. Where did you get it from?

Unnamed source. You have problem with that?

LOL unnamed sources.

Conan, you may want to acquaint yourself with Trump’s guidelines for opening up the states.

My advice to state authoritarians. Better start opening up parks, beaches etc.