It Seems Campaign Promises Could Have Consequences

Her relative was Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, and he was the King of Hyrule. I would bet she’s Zelda Hyrule on account of how she’s the Princess of Hyrule. Just a guess though.


Best quote in the article is at the end

“I think if she can show that the tax code of 2017 was basically nonsense and only helped corporations, Wall Street would not like the public thinking about that,” this executive said, also insisting on anonymity.

Is your Google broken?


I don’t understand your question. Are you trolling?

The problem with it is, I got a tax cut. So for me, it isn’t nonsense.

Were you?

That’s not my style.

I have a very low opinion of how modern finance works.

If they don’t want to give Warren their money that shows to me that her plans will reign them in… and that is a good thing.

Yes but you weren’t going to vote for her anyway. The question is who will listen who can be swayed

Yeah, screw all 10,000 of them. And it’s not like they live in swing states.

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Then neither am I.

Then why are you asking me for a link when I just provided one? You posted the same one word response to me multiple times through a few threads.

Is she offering me a tax cut without punishing my 401k? Is she offering me textualist judges?

Why would anybody in their right mind vote for someone who promises to raise their taxes? Gamer theory.

Because I am pro-choice.

Elizabeth Warren and the re election of Trump may be the biggest result of the report by the anti Trump whistle blowing.
Deja vu Comey.

I really couldn’t give less of a ■■■■ about Wall Street donors and their desperate pleas to maintain control of the system. If they are willing to support a lying racist because someone wants to make the economy work a little more fairly, they were never actual Democrats in the first place.


Helped me, and I’m not a corporation.

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Me too, quite a bit actually.