It Seems Campaign Promises Could Have Consequences

Wall Street Democratic donors warn the party: We’ll sit out, or back Trump, if you nominate Elizabeth Warren

I doubt the democratics care, money probably doesn’t enter into their political equation. Only republicans let money in.

Maybe they’re concerned a woman won’t be able to balance the checkbook.

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Goes to show that she is saying the right things.


Trump doesn’t need Wall Street donors because he’s a self made billionaire. That’s why he’s incorruptible and the perfect politician. Warren doesn’t have the luxury of being able to self-fund her campaign like Trump does, so she’s either going to have to sell out or lose hard against Trump. I wonder what she’ll do.


Anonymous sources. Fake News.


That’s great. Glad they are scared.


Would there be a link that doesn’t use anonymous sources? I think those people are fakes.

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Seems strange to read these responses after all the whining about how Trump is ruining the economy as evidenced by dips in the market.

Oh well.

CNBC + Anonymous sources = FAKE NEWS.


If I had known the source was going to be attacked, I wouldn’t have posted a link.

I’ve never run for public office, isn’t heap wampum needed to win?

A video game. Imagine that.

At least a video game isn’t an Anonymous source.

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I find that admirable. The way they live and their lifestyles prove they put their money where their mouth is. :joy:

Huh. What are the odds that a business sector would rather be left alone to scam, pillage, and 11 years ago, crater the U’S economy, rather than be controlled to the degree necessary to protect it? Color me shocked.


These guys are the absolute leeches of society. They make money off of everybody else’s money. They should be taxed at the highest rate in the country. Most of the country couldn’t care less about their opinions.

I agree. All the anthropogenic things they give up to save the planet from anthropogenic climate change are truly admirable and an example for us all. Riding carbon-free tofu-tired bicycles instead of cars, living in tiny carbon-free homes with no ac or heat. But most of all giving up the joy of children to address the most important cause of all - over population.

There are of course many, many others:

Refusing to buy products from high polluting nations, wearing the caps backwards, neckbeards, double mocha frappucino lattes, video games… the list is endless.

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No? What’s Zelda’s last name?

People always complain about how corrupt our politicians are. Who do they think corrupts them? These guys.

Zelda isn’t an Anonymous source, because we KNOW who Zelda is, whether she has a surname or not.

Zelda isn’t her real name.