IT’S OVER: Mueller’s Final Report Says ‘NO COLLUSION’ Between Trump Campaign and Russia | Sean Hannity

The final report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller shows there was “no proof” of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials during the 2016 race for the White House.

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Don’t you love it? For months the Democrats have been praising Mueller, treating him like the second coming and attempting to protect him from the “villianous” President. Now they are condemning him and threatening action against him because he apparently, didn’t say what they wanted him to. The Democrats were never going to accept anything but the conclusion they wanted.

Donald Trump IS my President, fair and square! I fear that it is unlikely that Mr. Trump will be able to just do the job he was fairly elected to do despite his honest win. Any thought on how to put a muzzel on the barking snowflakes?

The only way to muzzle them is to let them keep barking hysterically and reward them by finally getting them out of office. They are so consumed by their hatred that they will never get anything else done before the next election.