IT’S OFFICIAL: White House Publishes Report on ‘VIOLENT ANIMALS of MS-13’ | Sean Hannity

The White House doubled-down on their harsh rhetoric towards the violent street gang MS-13 Monday, publishing a paper on their official website that warned Americans about the dangers posed by “the violent animals of MS-13.”

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My GOD what an absolutely insane move by an out of control White House with an equally out of control president.

Anyone thinking this is a good move or is making America great again needs to go immediately to The Holocaust Museum or to see a psychiatrist and or both.

As violent as members of MS 13 might be for our president to be oficially labeling citizens or even non citizens as “animals” is taking a huge step out onto a slippery slope, a huge step.

It was bad enough to have Trump unapolegitically use the term in his campaign rally speeches, but this is huge.


Our America is being tossed into a gutter by this man.


Please, I beg of all sane and rational people, qualified citizens, across America, if you are not registered to vote get your butts in gear and get registered, ASAP, and you and all you already registered voters get to the polls in November and vote for sanity, vote for the heart and soul of America, and vote to rein in this White House, this shameless Republican party, this Trump!

Please, I beg of you!