IT’S OFFICIAL: Kamala Harris Confirms She’s Running for the Presidency in 2020 | Sean Hannity

Sen. Kamala Harris officially entered the 2020 presidential election Monday morning; becoming the latest Democrat to enter the crowded primary field with the hopes of taking on President Trump in the coming months.

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Who cares? She is just another lying lib.

After the way she treated Brett Kavanaugh? After she slept her way up - with a MARRIED MAN? After pushing divisiveness with her racist mouth?

Stating she wants to push “American Values”? MY American value does NOT believe “we” should have give ILLEGALS handouts. MY American value does NOT believe we should allow ILLEGALS to flood our country.

How dare she claim “American Values” when clearly she has none.

For our children? Would that be the ones considered disposable and aborted?

She just wants the rest of the country to look like California.