IT’S OFFICIAL: Hillary Clinton Calls for the ‘ABOLISHMENT’ of the Electoral College | Sean Hannity

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called for the official end of the Electoral College this week; saying the United States needs to “improve and protect” our elections for future generations.

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It’s very simple Hillary …We need voter ID’s …period !

HiLIARy is a verbal DUNG HEAP. She has no value other than as a back stop for a firing squad. She deserves all the kindness and consideration she gave the personnel at Benghazi.

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Maybe… and I’m just spitballin’ here, we ensure that people who want to change things actually WIN ELECTIONS!

How about, those who LOSE ELECTIONS don’t get to change things?

You want to change the way we elect people Hillary? WIN A DAMNED ELECTION! Otherwise, shut the hell up.

Better think twice about abolishing the electorial college that HIllary and her leftist allies loved so much. If we do away with it, then states like NY, CA and WA will rule the country my mere masses. The College protects smaller states voting rights so they are not overtaken by numbers of the socialist views of those populations where you can enjoy human feces on public sidewalks, used needs laying in public places, homelessness far and beyond imagination, and teenagers selling their wares at airports like Seattle. Sex, drugs and rock and roll - Woodstock all over again - and WORSE!!

…and this surprises us? Really?

A bit late.


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Get rid of electoral college? Ok here is how. The winner of the each state gets the states vote. Each state gets one vote. So whoever wins the most states wins the election. No delegates are required except for the “party” part of the conventions.No “paths” to win,Win 27 states and you are the President.

What about Texas?