It looks like Michigan narrowly avoided a fascist dictatorship

I predicted that would happen. I DO NOT condone it, but it is predictable. It will multiply by thousands if socialism is imposed after Harris takes over in 6 or so months after Biden is declared senile. What the democrats want to do is crazy. They CRAVE power, & people who want to lord it over the populace are dangerous. Socialism is voted in but never ALLOWED to be voted out when it becomes clear how horrific it is.

Video? Pfft, who needs a video?
I have my own interpretation and have convinced myself Trump never said Proud Boys or Stand by.

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And the wife with face bruises - her insolence, her nagging, her disrespect, this made the husband do it?

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Just to be clear you don’t condone this at all, but you do expect thousands of citizens to attempt to kidnap, put on “trial” and execute our elected leaders If Biden/Harris are elected?


It looks like the Michigan Supreme Court slapped down the governor again and ended her lockdown orders. This time the ruling was 6-1.

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it doesnt change anything. from the article

But new emergency orders that the Whitmer administration has issued through the state health department director — which replicate mask requirements, restrictions on gathering sizes and restaurant capacity, among other features — are not affected by the court’s ruling