It looks like Michigan narrowly avoided a fascist dictatorship

By a 4-3 majority the Michigan Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional Governor Witmer’s attempt to rule by decree indefinitely based on a statute dating back to World War II. The ruling said that Witmer must get the approval of the legislature for future actions:

Governor Witmer is hardly alone. Many Democratic governors have been suspending civil rights and ruling by decree since March based on alleged COVID concerns.

If the Democrats follow through with stacking the federal Supreme Court, would Witmer be free to re-establish her dictatorial powers by appealing to federal courts?


That ruling was a surprise to many. I thought the petition drive to repeal the law would be the trigger on stopping the emergency powers. I guess this begs the question: Should we call this court activist?

You believe this?

Pretty sure that’s their plan.

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No. The law she was using was a state law. It had nothing to do with the Feds.

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Well, someone attempted a coup in Michigan. Fortunately, there have been several arrests by the FBI today in the case.


I think that the court decided correctly.

Witmer had been using the old statute to effectively ignore the legislature for COVID-related measures that suspend civil rights indefinitely. The federal constitution requires a republican form of government; on that basis alone there should be good basis to end rule-by-decree.

:roll_eyes: Oh dear lord…

The legislature had passed a law and the governor was enforcing the law. The law was struck down, but that has nothing to do with a republican form or government.

A group allegedly attempted to kidnap the governor. The accused are innocent until proven guilty.

Witmer claims that right to rule indefinitely without further action by the legislature. That sounds like a dictatorship to me.

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And again in Michigan Republicans will have their test. In other states where Republican Governors and State Legislatures have ignored the science of this virus they have failed and the case and death rates keep going up.

Rule indefinitely? Pretty sure there will be an election in 2022 where she’ll be running. Unless another right wing group tries to kidnap her, put her on “trial” and execute her.



You left out a word - rival".


Like a good and faithful servant, of course.

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Meanwhile the fascist-in-chief calls for the arrest of his political opponents.

Proud Boys… “Stand by”


President Trump never said “Proud Boys.”

The “illustrious” Chris Wallace introduced the “Proud Boys” into the debate. I had never heard of the proud boys and apparently President Trump hadn’t either. Chris Wallace has nothing to be proud about. He should stand down.

He was repeating what Chris said. He did not introduce the “Proud Boys.”

“I don’t know who Proud Boys are,” he told reporters in Washington. “But whoever they are they have to stand down, let law enforcement do their work.”

The video…refutes…you.

I’m glad I’m not proud.