It has to be hard to swallow

Imagine that you attacked conservatives that said you wanted to take guns away.
Imagine you attached conservatives that said Fisa was abused.
Imagine you attacked conservatives that said democrats were actually communists.
Imagine you said all the things that are happening would never happen.

Do you still think you are good at this?

Now of course there is nobody on this forum that ever said any of that.

But if there was after last nights debate I am sure are a little more HITO

Plenty of libs are on record this week saying they would refuse to vote for Bloomberg. We’ll see. :wink:

Bright side for D is they can’t do worse.

Can they?

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world


A fantasy world that will never exist.

Which means we shouldn’t even try to get as close as possible?

If you want to piss your life and money away attempting it go ahead, We won’t.

How many exactly? Is it more or less than the number who have articulated that they will vote for the Democrat nominee no matter who he or she might be?

Do you need to attribute those words to anyone?

Exactly? At least 80-90% of those who vote in the primaries will also vote in the general election along party lines.

Its john lennon.

Lennon sounds a lot like Lenin. Bet they’re the same commie.

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Very apt for the times we live in.

Why is it that this dream is always the dream of those who possess nothing?


No it isn’t. John Lennon was worth $800 million.


Because the people who have stuff are greedy.

Stellar song, one of the first ones I learned when I started playing guitar, ridiculously juvenile or drug addled political philosophy.

People are greedy, whether they have stuff, or not.

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Oh we’re getting there, we already have a sizable population that doesn’t believe America is worth defending or preserving.

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Ah one of my favorites. People who want to keep what they earn, greedy, people who want to take what they never earned, not greedy. That makes perfect sense.

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