IT: Chapter two

I saw early release of this movie in my local 1980’s movie theater (ticket, food, and drink for 20$). I was a little worried before going once I learned it was 169 mins but from the second you sit down the end credit your sucked into it.

the acting is amazing, the special effects are great, and they really kept very honest with the book.

overall might be one of the best movies of 2019.

I’m there!

Awesome! We are going to our local drive in to see it this weekend.

Part 1 was far from perfect but it was a solid adaptation of one of Kings best books. I did not care for the update to the 80s but I understand why they did that (cultural relevance and the ability to set part 2 in today)

I have a fondness for the TV mini series but I will be seeing this at the movies.

Have tickets for this Sunday, Loved Part 1, excited for Part 2!

As a one-time die hard King fan I have to say that the mini series was a draw for me. The bulk of the book is very cerebral in many ways for the first 2/3. It’s a horror story for sure, but it’s really a mind game for a lot. That’s where the mini series was doing well. And I think Part 1 did pretty well at that too. I hope Part 2 really captures the horror they felt as adults knowing what was happening. That’s what really roped me in. The end of the mini series was terrible. Here’s hoping 30 years of special effects tech can improve that immensely.

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I saw It: Chapter Two today, and it was a solid movie. I really loved the performances by the cast, especially Bill Hader.

I also liked the atmosphere as well as the scares in the film. It’s not as great as the first film but still worthwhile to watch.