IT BEGINS: San Fran School Board President DITCHES Pledge of Allegiance

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San Francisco’s new School Board President abruptly abandoned the Pledge of Allegiance before his first official meeting this week; opting to recite a poem by Maya Angelou in its place.

“For the first time in memory, the San Francisco school board bypassed the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of its meeting Tuesday night, a purposeful omission by the board’s new president,” writes the SF Gate.

“Stevon Cook, presiding over his first meeting, said he had been mulling over the idea of replacing the recitation of the pledge after he was elected to lead the board following the departure of former President Hydra Mendoza two weeks ago,” adds the article.

California education guidelines require schools and district officials to “conduct a daily patriotic exercise,” but participation isn’t mandatory and there is no official list of sanctioned songs or speeches.

“If you ask 10 Americans who wrote it, or when it was implemented, or why it is how we start our meetings, a lot of us would be hard pressed (to answer),” added Cook.

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I think “IT BEGINS” is a bit worn out, losing its shock value here.

It was a meeting, not school. What’s wrong with reciting a poem instead, once in a while?

I keep asking “What begins?” but no one seems to know.

The liberal/socialist takeover of America, I’d imagine. My question is, how can something begin more than once?

What begins exactly???

Hell, I have not done the POA in years. Though my parents were not JW’s, they believed pledging allegiance to a flag was a form of idol worship. Respect it yes…pledge allegiance no.

IT BEGINS, patriotic conservatives step up to beat it down, and then IT BEGINS again.