IT BEGINS: Ocasio-Cortez Says It's Time to End the ‘PLIGHT OF WORKING CLASS PEOPLE’

Originally published at: IT BEGINS: Ocasio-Cortez Says It’s Time to End the ‘PLIGHT OF WORKING CLASS PEOPLE’ | Sean Hannity

Liberal superstar and New York Democratic socialist candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took her left-wing platform to the next level this week, saying the “plight of working class people” was the same regardless of location and income.

Cortez made her comments while promoting far-left candidates across the United States from Kansas to Michigan, saying “The plight of working-class people is the same no matter the city.”

“Struggling to make ends meet in the Bronx is not too different from struggling to make ends meet in Detroit,” she added.

Cortez’ comments come days after she publicly referred to Israeli settlers as the “occupiers of Palestine” and claimed “closing tax loopholes” would help finance a universal healthcare system.

What began? The claim that the economy doesn’t really benefit working class Americans, but is instead geared toward funneling more and more wealth and power towards a few elites at the top? Yeah, that is definitely a new argument.

You losted me Mx. Hannity. This much is true, if plight it be. Even the paid protesters who carry the signs struggle to put food on the table and dope into their systems…whether they march and ho ho ho in Dallas or Duck City, Iowa. Struggling out of that comfy bed is tough! It’s plightful!