IT BEGINS: New York Assembly Passes ‘SINGLE PAYER’ Healthcare Bill | Sean Hannity

The New York State Assembly passed a “single payer healthcare” bill last week, sending the legislation to the state’s Senate for the fourth year in a row and setting the stage for a major showdown with local Republicans.

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Good. I see nothing wrong with single-payer.

Until someone has to pay the bill.

Yeah, Pam . . . we can assume you would be a recipient and less a ‘payor’ into the system. What about your ‘rights’ to not be forced into partaking of something which you don’t want to ??? I mean come on, you should have to pay for everyone to have a swimming pool, a tennis court, a backyard barbecue grill; all in the name of keeping healthy.

Were you brought up just that pathetic that stuff should be ‘free’ to all . . . even the worthless lazy assed should have been the free abortion ??? Why shouldn’t you also pay for me to have sex with as many you’s or he’s as I want ??? And shouldn’t you fund my home . . . I mean, everyone needs a house to live in; a roof over their head and heat and air conditioning and running water. FUND IT, Pam.

  1. This is why rights-talk is dumb.
  2. The existence of single payer healthcare does necessitate that you have to use it.
  3. Why does her possible status as a recipient or not matter?