IT BEGINS: College Removes NIKE LOGO from All Athletic Gear Over Kaepernick Ad | Sean Hannity

The outrage over iconic footwear brand Nike’s recent advertisement campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick reached new heights Friday, when a local college became the first in the nation to remove the “swoosh” logo from all athletic apparel.

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Nike, Levi’s, Yeti…the list keeps growing and thier profits keep shrinking. As a midwestern good ole boy I am shocked that these companies are so willing to hurt the bottom line to prove that they are part of the GLOBALISTS. Buy Adidas, Wrangler and Pelican brand coolers instead and lets put these idiots out of business. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS DONALD J. TRUMP!

So…that college comes out FOR Police Brutality.

What a bunch of idiots.

More cutting off the nose to spite the face.


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They are still wearing the Nike gear?

They just removed the “swoosh”?

If that is so that just proves what a bunch of hypocrites they are.


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The College of the Ozarks, a private Christian school in Point Lookout, Missouri … THIS IS HUGE!!! :rofl:


Like really, really yuuuuuuuge!

Still, there is nothing like a good Christian college teaching its students how to be intolerant of others, unforgiving, wasteful, and down Right willfully ignorant.


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Spartacus, NO that clown should have called himself Pinocchio ! Not many buy Kaepernicks bullcrap story about being equal, its about being rich. Not many are going to buy NIKE either unless they are a kneeler but most people are stand ups and get what the real deal is, apparently not you tho, because you are to busy laughing, hahaha we are too, at you !

So they still buy the gear? Bwahahahaha

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But I thought colleges were radical progressive endoctrination centers?

60% of Nike’s revenue comes from outside the US. Nike will be fine.

But all those 60 year old angry southern white dudes in Air Ones!

Remember these guys?
Conservatives/GOP called them unpatriotic, commies, unappreciated, criminals, etc…
Because they stood up to a racist establishment…
They were either jailed, defamed, and stripped of their accomplishments or worse…
Now they’re held in the highest regards to them now…
When they realize they were on the wrong side if history they manage to rewrite the narrative…:thinking:


I have them playing Alabama in the Championship game this year.


I can’t remember. Are they Big 12 or SEC?

Some “who struck John” college cut the swooshes off their gear and angry old white men rejoice. :laughing:

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As they say on TV… WOMP WOMP

I don’t see Nike recovering from this.


Lessee…private Christian school of less than 1500, 92% white with 99% white faculty.

Yeah, Nike’s toast now.


Nike has just surpassed the level of self-importance to be safe. They blew it with this one. Used to be Nike products were of great quality materials and durable. They built a name for themselves that people do not even think about now. So people buy Nike products that are more and more chintzy, and more and more expensive. People are suckers. I hope this advertisement makes people take a step back and evaluate their use of discretionary income. There are many brands out there that are at least as good as Nike and maybe even better. Nike is just a name that does not mean much anymore. But Nike has become too big for their britches now. They needed to stay out of politics and social engineering. Bu they could not resist.