IT BEGINS: Atlanta School ABANDONS ‘Pledge of Allegiance,' Says 'NOT INCLUSIVE'

Originally published at: IT BEGINS: Atlanta School ABANDONS ‘Pledge of Allegiance,’ Says ‘NOT INCLUSIVE’ | Sean Hannity

A charter school in Atlanta, Georgia announced this week that it will no longer recite the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ at the start of each day; caving to pressure from an increasing number of students and teachers who refuse to stand for the patriotic ceremony.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper, the Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School abandoned the Pledge for all of its elementary students; saying “Over the past couple of years it has become increasingly obvious that more and more of our community were choosing to not stand and/or recite the pledge.”

“Teachers and the K-5 leadership team will be working with students to create a school pledge that we can say together at morning meeting,” added the press release.

“This pledge will focus on students’ civic responsibility to their school family, community, country and our global society,” added the announcement.

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