Israel at War - Hamas Attacks

i know it’s not putin’s tanks, but here’s some terrorists running through the streets with guns

from an Israeli news source. translation:

“Documentation: Exchange of fire with terrorists in Israeli territory. Dozens of terrorists infiltrated the country’s territory“

One of the very first things I thought of on my first flight was dropping air support if ■■■■ hits the fan, which was quickly followed by derision and laughter from the screaming Infantryman within me. :rofl:


Nah, too many Jews. Never happen. :rofl:


And they can blame it on their leadership. They could have had their own country but they decided to start the Second Intifada. The Israelis rightfully realized that negotiating with the Palestinians was sort of pointless after that ■■■■ show.


if they were just given their own country….

Their demands are completely unworkable. They want a state based on the 1947 UN partition plan. And that’s never going to happen. Israel won those other territories fair and square.

I agree. The Hamas / Fatah split made any permanent solution impossible. It’s a truly hopeless situation. We manage to conjure those up sometimes.

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didnt hear much of a response from the people who control Biden yet….

see what happens when america’s closest ally in the region is attacked but they arent corrupt enough to get you rich by sending blank checks and getting your destitute kids cushy board positions in hyper-corrupt front companies?


and gee i wonder if any of those billions that were released to Iran are behind this……



btw the president released a statement


Let’s get involved!

brandon counting on you

OK? Or would you prefer that he just tweets out some meaningless nonsense?

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what took him so long? hmmmm

What- you know what time he called?

nothing helps like “thoughts and prayers” huh?

when’s biden going to address this to US?

maybe he’s embarrassed to do so. i dont blame him.

any minute now the media will be showing victims of israel’s response……


Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the Pentagon will work in the coming days to make sure Israel has the means to protect itself from the attack.

Austin vowed “to ensure that Israel has what it needs to defend itself and protect civilians from indiscriminate violence and terrorism.”

Not thoughts and prayers

“Those funds are to be used for humanitarian needs only”…getting that in before anyone tries that crap.

Of COURSE they are, my daughters ship stopped 2 vessel’s coming from Iran, one with materials used for rocket fuel, one with over 1500 REAL assault weapons. 2 guesses where they were likely headed?



and god bless your daughter for her service