Isn't about time that colleges were held responsible for over inflating the value of their degrees?

There’s many of us who do agree that government has a role to play when entities over inflate the value of the property they hold or the goods or services that they provide. There are also many of us here they see the goods/service provided with the most overinflated value is that of many of the college degrees offered.

There’s clearly been many many victims of this fraud who have been duped by these institutions to dump tens of thousands of dollars into these institutions for what has amounted to worthless degrees. So instead of having the taxpayers foot the bill for this, isn’t time to fine all these universities?

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Those degrees are prerequisites to joining the bureaucracy. You can forget government doing anything.

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I agree to some extent. IMO…the issue is the cost. Universities have been able to raise tuition without merit.

While reducing merit.

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Government shouldn’t be the de facto lender of student loans. It should be up to the college. Let the college back up the value of their degrees by carrying the risks of being the lenders for the loans that pay for the degrees. If they don’t have confidence in the value of their degrees, they would admit their lack of confidence when they refuse to back the loans that pay for their degrees.

It would greatly reduce the number of worthless degrees, most likely. But the bigger upshot of doing that would be that government money (and thereby MY money) wouldn’t be wasted on those degrees.


I always resented the wasteful building programs the colleges had that they turned around and jacked up tuition sky high to pay for.

Lots of buildings they had no need for.

I’m ok with government backing the loans, but tuition increases can’t be more than inflation or the program is pulled from the university.

I’m not.

Then we have government strings where they shouldn’t be.

And government can “forgive” loans that they have no business forgiving.


Make the colleges back the loans! Make them stand behind their product like everyone else!


Are we saying government taking over the loans was a bad idea?

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Any debt that our corrupt government, that’s defying the Supreme Court…is going to pay…50% gets charged back to the institution it’s owed. If their student they educated are now in this financial position, the responsibility is half theirs.