Isn’t It Ironic

That the person who lies the most convinces a bunch of people that other people’s lies make them the enemy?

Isn’t it ironic that Trump cannot seem to willingly utter the truth about anything but is capable of convincing his followers that his lies are not lies, but people reporting about his lies are our enemies?

Isn’t it cray that the old party of personal responsibility is based solely now on shirking responsibility and constant Victimhood?

Why is it that Donald’s lies are so believable to you all who support him? This guy was a democrat before he ran. He literally told you that he was going to lie to win.

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it’s easier to believe a lie than it is to accept uncomfortable truths.

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Tru dat. I just read a study that indicated people of a more dogmatic, religious attitude are more susceptible to untruths. I don’t know anything about that, but I sure know Donald’s army believes each and every word he says.

Well, Rush and Fox News aren’t going to stop their routine of feeding them propaganda. Cashing big checks is a hard habit to break.

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Apperantly, there are enough people in America that never dealt with a con-artist.

That blows my mind. I’m not an overly cynical person, but even I could see Donald’s schtick since before his presidency. It wasn’t difficult. He telegraphed everything in perfect detail.