Is Trump and the GOP funding the caravan?

So for weeks I have read how bad the optics of the caravan are for the democrats, and that this issue is a big win for the GOP leading into the midterms. It has allowed for all sorts of stunts, like sending troops to the border, fueling vitriolic campaign speeches, and Twitter tantrums during the big push towards the vote.

And I also keep hearing how this caravan must be funded by some entity, due to logistics. Trump himself keeps implying this must be the case… which is interesting.

And then there is the fact that Mexico basically let the caravan pass through their border, and continue their progress unabated towards their northern border. There has been little to no diplomacy used, almost as if Trump wants it to happen. You would think the current administration would have the ability to put pressure on Mexico, if the goal was to actually turn them around; I also thought Trump and the new president had hit it off?

So it seems pretty obvious to me that if anyone is “behind” the caravan, and funding it, it is only logical that is has to be Trump and/or GOP sources… right?

It makes perfect sense. No wonder Trump was so upset when the pipe bombs and murders of Jews took the attention away from the caravan. All that work he did was getting ignored.

Many people are saying it.


i believe its true. probably funded by steve bannon

OP, you hit the nail on the head!

It’s going to work too. Democrats are too stupid to know how to respond to Donald’s dirty tricks.

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And it’s such a yuuuuuuge caravan, who else could have created it?

People are saying it’s the biggest caravan ever. Very good people are saying that. Huge.

Nailed it,.

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I mean Cui Bono people.

Cui BONO ‽ ‽ ‽

Interrobangs are for added dramatic effect.

They were seen wearing MAGA hats.

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The biggest and the best. Believe me, the biggest and the best.

The Million MAGA Migrant March.


Well yeah the only reason they want to come to the US is to worship the Donald.

They should worship Trump in their own country.

I think Newt Gingrich is the master mind behind this whole thing. He’s always twisting things to look good for Trump. He’s got money and nothing to do. Note how fast they had to jackhammer The Caravan back into the news after last week. They think tent cities, soldiers shooting Hispanics, and scaring up fear in white people is good for the GOP.

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At a minimum it seems pretty obvious that Trump is letting this happen on the diplomatic end, so it only makes sense they are also funding it.

If this was so bad for the democrats, they would have pulled any “funding” LONG ago.

To be fair, Soros can’t help himself.

Trump will see to it that they go back home. Maybe some in caskets, but what can you do?

It’d be a shame if they accidentally fell onto a bone saw. It happens all too often.