Is this proof of UFO's

This should go in the category of “Way, way waaaay outside The Beltway.”

Put me firmly in the unconvinced column. I still find it difficult to believe that Baldor had the incredible technology to fly his starship here, all the way here from beta reticuli, only to crash into the Earth when he got here? I ain’t buying it. Anybody else?

Pentagon admits it has been testing wreckage from UFO crashes & findings may ‘change our lives forever,’ expert says (

i am absolutely not convinced, and wonder why this was put out on dolt media

The Pentagon declassified UFO videos for the first time in history last year, during the pandemic… quietly.

Here’s a top-notch documentary on the subject.

I don’t think they’re alien.

Same. I don’t believe that physics allows for interstellar travel. I could be wrong. But I need to see much more. Meeting this guy face to face would help.


Physics do allow it. Warp drive is no more science fiction now than space shuttles were 100 years ago. We’re just not quite there yet… or are we? O_o

The next big man-made threat that demands a global government to deal with it, will be secretly developed man-made advanced tech promoted as an extraterrestrial invasion.

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eh i think they are still pretty “fictiony”.

id love to be proven wrong tho

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I saw a Netflix docu that concluded just that. It featured Bob Lazar who first identified Ununpentium in the 80’s (also known as Moscovium after being synthesized in 2003 in Dubna Russia).

looks like the aliens dropped a giant tylenol on an aircraft carrier…

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It would be cool if they were Aliens unless they were a bunch of freeloaders no one ever takes that into consideration. The aliens come here and end up being lazy, unsanitary, and leech off the social net.

Sorry I thought this was a thread on illegal aliens

Wasn’t this the plot of Alien Nation?


Omg dude no way I was thinking the same exact movie.


Massive hangover.

Seems unlikely they would travel over 570 trillion miles only to crash land here. If they came here, they found no intelligent life and beat feet.

95 light years? That’s a lot of planets.

To think, they had so many choices…

Right? Why the stupid tic tac design? lol

When you’re going that fast, the interstellar medium is thick as mud?

Why would a ship like that be going, “fast?” :thinking: