Is this an Onion article? Rodman to be at Trump-Kim Summit

Driving ratings with cleavage … er, celebrity opinions.

Don’t be so uptight…

Why does Tucker Carlson always look so confused?

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What’s worse than Rodman to help out in NoKo?

Seb Gorka!

You should come up with a better example to make your point than a guy who spends his free time founding organizations to fight genocide, raised 60mm for Haiti, etc.

This post is a good demonstration of when whataboutism goes wrong…Perhaps Jay Z would have been a better choice?

Kim, Trump, and The Worm…In Singapore!!!

I smell a new reality series this fall on E.

I guess Tami Lahren was on vacation that week.

He’s probably always reading something off of a feed, maybe an on the fly transcript. Considering that most people aren’t practiced orators trained to speak clearly I can see that wanting to be sure you heard something right could become a professional obsession.

But for THAT picture maybe he was wondering if Pam had first tried to button the blouse, and if so how long had the buttons held out.

Which I suppose is better than recalling a funny Angelou Maya quote from years ago and speculating based on that…

Important update:

trump rewards those who go all in, especially if he’s not spending his own money.

It aint over yet friend…

He was great in Moonraker.

Exactly how is Trump rewarding them Sean and Gorka?

The whole existence of KJU is an Onion article, yet there he is with alleged nuclear weaponry under his thumb. That a guy like this could even get such stuff is matter for an Onion article, but there it is. Else he has nothing and he’s the best poker bluffer ever, duping the entire world into believing he’s holding aces.

He’s the mad scientist of bad science fiction, his own ego and his mini-me wrapped into one caricature.

In some ways he lives in his own Neverland. Any guy who finds his sweet spot with Rodman is warped. Yet he does.

At least we’ve stopped giving him gunpowder to appease him into being less destructive. In many ways our past handling of him should have been an Onion article too.

Who really knows what was going on behind the scenes to get this meeting to happen? It’s not a stretch to consider that maybe bringing along Rodmen was the lollipop used to get Kim to show up. People want to look for any and every “worst” in the things Trump does. Perhaps having a court jester was precisely what was needed to snap Kim out of pouting.

Yes, I rolled my eyes at the Rodman factor. “Really? …”

But what matters is what comes out of the meeting. Not what goes into it. I’ll wait to see what comes out.

Fair enough, Guvnah.