Is this an Onion article? Rodman to be at Trump-Kim Summit

NBA star turned Kim Jong Un soulmate Dennis Rodman will be in Singapore during President Trump’s summit with the North Korean dictator next week, The Post has learned.

“The Worm” will arrive in the country a day before the June 12 sitdown — and sources said he could even play some sort of role in the negotiations.

“No matter what you might think about his presence. One thing’s for sure the ratings will be huge,” a source said. “A lot of times in situations that involve complex diplomacy countries like to identify ambassadors of goodwill and whether you agree with it or not Dennis Rodman fits the bill.”

Seriously? Rodman? Good God…any conservatives want to opine on this?

At this point, Rodman is an improvement over trump.

It is not …

Rodman was essentially a “Goodwill Ambassador” to NK several times. I would not be surprised to see him show up.

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i posted this before but…

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I mean…

There really is a tweet for absolutely everything.

Strange how voting for a vulgar reality TV show host has led to The Apprentice: White House edition. Who ever saw that coming.

When I first heard Rodman was going to be at the Summit I thought it was The Onion too. That’s just how things are these days.

Which celebrity will appear next in the Oval Office?

Which wife of a man sitting in prison right now will next appear on Fox News to plead for a pardon for her husband?

Tune in to I Beg Your Pardon tomorrow to find out.


Have you forgotten that every white house in modern times has been a revolving door of celebrities parading through no matter who was president?

Especially now. When was the last time wives of felons went on cable TV to beg for their husband’s pardons though? Don’t remember that before.

Clinton is the last one that rings a big bell. Marc Rich’s wife did everything she could to buy him a pardon.

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The Obama WH was a revolving door of celebrities for 8 years.

Take a look at the list from 2009 alone.

My memory is foggy, but remind me which celebrities were part of the Iran nuclear negotiations?

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Un likes him some Rodman and they do make a cute couple.

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Ha ha ha ha can you imagine Bill Clinton there asking to have Hillary pardoned.

This is the new normal.

Pardoned for what? Trumps DoJ aint charging her with ■■■■.

Strange, that.

Nahhhh……same-o, same-o

My favorite part of the linked article in the OP:

“I think [Kim] didn’t realize who Donald Trump was at that time, I guess, until he started to read the book and started to get to understand him. Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are pretty much the same,” Rodman told the website.

Reality is bending hard right now. Pretty hard to know what’s real these days. And I think Donnie likes it that way.