Is there anyone who does not support term limits?

I would think that this is possible one are in which there is likely broad support. Is there anyone who does not get sick of seeing the same face year after year no matter which party it is? Part of the problem is the election process and the amount of money involved but I believe a system in which one goes to Washington for say 2 to 4 years simply as representative (personally I hate the titles Congressman/woman and Senator, which makes it sound like they are better than the people they represent) to serve their community/state and then goes back to their former life (like military service their employer would be required to hold their job).

No system is perfect and so this wouldn’t be either but who here really thinks it is a good thing to have career politicians?

We already have term limits—elections.

More importantly, we need to have stronger campaign finance laws and an end to gerrymandering.


I do.


I think we can both agree that once they name recognition and are in a solid left or right district they are virtually guaranteed that seat for life.

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And why do you think that is good?

A former political science teacher of mine literally ran in one local election so he could lose just so the next time he ran he might have enough name recognition to win.

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AOC disagrees.

Citizens United needs to be overturned.

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I like the idea of term limits, I don’t think I can support them.

And Pelosi, Schummer, McCain, Shelby, Pascrell, and many more who disagree.

Term limits may prevent me from voting for who I want.

Because politics is a skilled profession.

Just like if I’m sick, I prefer to go to a “career doctor”.

lol, clearly.

What exactly is the skill they possess? Being able to talk a lot of BS? Promote hate and division?

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Calling someone a skilled doctor is a compliment.

Calling them a skilled politician is a perjorative.


Term limits are simple, they work like this: if you’re sick of your Rep / Senator, vote for someone else; if you’re sick of MY rep or senator, I don’t give a ■■■■■

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When/where have term limits worked?

Have term limits improved the governance from the California state legislature?

Because money isn’t speech and even if it is the ability to unite money under a single cause be it a union or corporation and thereby effectuate change for the befit is the group is subject to abuse.

People should be personally able to to donate. The maximum donation should probable be raised a bit but PACs are the proverbial devil and Citizens United is responsible for them

While I agree that Citizens United was incorrectly decided, and support drastic changes to campaign finance law, your post is not entirely accurate.

PACs existed long before Citizens United. You’re thinking about “SuperPACs” - and I dont think that SuperPACs are the real problem here, just a symptom.