Is the US pulling out of Syria or not?

Cause i’m finding this ■■■■ hard to follow at this point.

He lost a Secretary of Defense over this, and for what?

It depends on what time of the day you ask Dumpster Donnie.


Trump changes his mind a lot.

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I thought fat donald knew more abut this stuff than his Generals. What the hell is going on?

Totally worth sending contradicting ststements to our military as long as it upsets the libz…

Beaides, trump doesnt really care about syria… doubt he even believes ot is a real place… especually since there is o plans to build a trump hotel there…

This is good news for France since they wont be the ones left holding the burning bridge together alone.

Wait - did you say Trump Hotel? Tell you what - give Donnie a few minutes, and he’ll have the order to get the troops out of there. In the meantime, he needs to get in touch with Don Jr. about some possible expansion opportunities …

Very stable genius who was told to leave by Turkey and said okay, got yelled at, and eventually decided to stay.


Trump views the death of troops as a useful tool to distract from his personal troubles troubles so his military positions can usually be tracked to how close his criminal activity is being looked at.

He’s just winging it. He says whatever he needs to say to get through the next 24 hours with whoever happens to be standing in front of him.

Presidency by impulse.