Is the sky falling or is it not?

Every week every day the sky is falling and “ It doesn’t look good”. Gonna get some rain probably. Dark clouds on the horizon. Trump has lived his entire life like this. It is we that are learning to cope. We are not used to this. So far as I can tell the sky has not fallen on Dopey Donald. Has on some of his henchmen but it has aldo shined in a lot of his friends. I think he probably thinks his mistakenly winning was the worst thing to happen to him. However his feelings of duty has lit a fire deep within and he is doing the best he knows how.

Its not good enough sure.

He’s so legal and cool. He’s the best legal and cool.


He has had an administration ending scandal almost once a month.

He has been protected by Congressional GOP.

It is going to get tougher for him January forward.

The only storm coming is the one President Trump is going to unleash on the Deepstate traitors!

He’s been in office 2 years, what’s the hold up?

I don’t believe in this deep state stuff. All I get are vague references, big predictions, and bad details.

But I do believe Hillary should go to jail for Uranium One.

I guess this thing is at a biblical level and requires a lot of time to plan.

A cautionary tale of why con artist slash white collar criminals shouldn’t run for president and if they win, not bring all their con artist slash white collar criminal buddies with them.


According to CNN, MSNBC, NYT, NBC, CBS, ABC and now NPR…it is…

…and me…I’m flyin in my taxi…:sunglasses:

“Feelings of duty”. Now that’s funny. This is trump you’re talking about. The only duty he fulfills
Floats in his golden toilet.


Yes, everyone but Fox

The only person who the sky is falling on is DonnyDearest. And there isn’t a large enough umbrella for him to stand under.

We will see a beautiful rainbow emerge after the sky has fallen on him.

Fox is going the opposite way and getting worse about it. They’re leaving the neutrality that they were once somewhat close to and now almost completely pandering to the right.

There is less money in actual news without an over the top opinion spin. Shepherd Smith and Chris Wallace are probably the best actual news folks over at Fox News. The latter makes roughly 3% of what Sean Hannity does at the network.

You are failing to see the pattern here. Donny has had how many bankruptcy’s. How many Managerial Jobs fall through? Failed this and that. And he still keeps coming out clean and shiny like a new gold coin. TV Star and POTUS. If’n you ask me he is doing pretty good for himself.

I dont see anything changing anytime soon. Mueller aint got squat!

The calm before the storm, all of these traitors will be soon sent to Gitmo.

What law did she break that the doj should investigate?


Man its coming from a long ways out. It must be gonna be big. Its funny about size. You see it sooner. It seems forever to march forward but its just that its so darn far away really. And when it moves the smaller pieces move in the perception of wholes.

What did Ghabril say? “The closer I get to the mountain the bigger it gets.”

Fur sure.

I’m not too familiar with all of the laws, but I have heard that opinion expressed by people I respect.