Is the DoJ controlling the narrative coming out from Waukesha?

It would have already been labeled “Charlottesville 2.0” and they would be saying the recent election in Virginia, as well as the Rittenhouse acquittal, has emboldened white supremacists to carry out these acts. All corporate media would be calling it “an alarming trend”.

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Remember white supremacist s are the nations gravest security threat. So dangerous, they do nothing when a black guy mows down white people. At least so far. And no, I don’t want them to do anything.


One thing is reporting about something that actually happened. Cernovich made up a bunch of stuff out of whole cloth and people still listen to him.

Just wild.

You sound peeved that more people believe Cernovich than believe the bunch of stuff you make up out of whole cloth.


Believing Mike Cernovich’s lies is decidedly a minority position.

You have to understand that, right?

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