Is the Alamo to be targeted?

Rumors abound that BLM is planning on targeting the Alamo. Mexico had outlawed slavery and the White settlers were fighting Mexico at the Alamo.
Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush issued a warning to “not mess with the Alamo”.
Trump tweeted that it would be defended.

I live in Texas and I say Bring It On. March on it. Try to burn it down. I can’t wait to see 'em try. I can promise a great wailing and gnashing of teeth if it is tried.

Just the basement.


Rumors. It’s rove indicted all over again.


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Maybe they will piss on it like Ozzy Osborne

Tell that to Bush and Trump. They spoke and tweeted about it. Part of the Alamo has already been vandalized with spray paint a few nights ago.

Oh the horror.

Wait. Hold up. Trump spoke about this? ■■■■ must be true.

I think the racing stripes and fin will help with the getaway…

Might as well eliminate the Alamo, all statues, the 4th of July, and, anything to woke culture wants to erase. No more holidays, cultural extravaganzas, or history. Burn books and museums, malls, ban toilet paper. The woke culture wants to ■■■■ society and social norms.

Statue of George Washington burned and torn down amid anti-monument movement. This is getting big, libs. Do you support the anti-monument movement?

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What’s that supposed to mean?

We still have legal pot and woke sexual identity.


Certain statues, of course bring em down

Nobody will touch the Dover Doughboy as long as I am alive.


My grandfather fought in WW1. (On the winning side, natch)


Both of my grandfathers fought in WWII and they already defaced that memorial. That’s gotta make you proud of those protestors.

Since I am a protestor myself.

I would never bother a recent war memorial.

But Bobby lee or Jeff Davis?

They were losers.

Always have been, always will be.

I have no problem removing their statutes or monuments.


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So what about the people defacing the WWII memorial? Just regular protestors?

The Alamo? Never heard of it.

Targeting? Sounds like an act of terrorism!

Regular protestors would not deface ww2 memorial.

The people doing that would be a small minority of protestors.

Prolly new American citizens who don’t realize what sacrifices people made.

My great uncle for instance dies in the first days of the war in the Philippines.


Have you seen how they defaced it? They’re not new American citizens. They’re part of your protesting crew.