Is Kamala Harris already the VP pick?

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Would you say that if he went with baby whale Stacey Abrams or Loretta Lynch?
Valerie Jarrat?

Hope they work on that cackle. It’s identical to Hillary. It’s a hag like guffaw.

That’s such a vacuous statement. What objective criteria is there to assess these politicians by for one? And even if there were could someone provide list of the greatest VP’s ranked from from first to worst? Take Ronald Reagan for example, you can find books talking how great he was and conversely you can find books talking about how lousy he was. How good a politician is is purely subjective. Furthermore if Biden wins I’ll be happy bet that he will not still be president by 2024.

If Biden wins he should be removed from office using the 25th amendment given is cognitive issues.

I doubt he would survive in office for a full term.

What’s wrong with him?
Any official information from his doctors or just internet know-it-all’s?

Keep America Great! :us:

Harris is a psychopath. Power hungry & will do anything to get it.

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Anyone who listens to Trump without the “Orange man bad” programming, would never call him"barely lucid". Hundreds of millions understand him just fine.If someone who defends himself and others is an adolescent bully, what would Antifa be? What would the DNC be? What would Andrew Cuomo be?

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Really stupid pick if she is but probably a step up from Abrams.

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Essentially, like giving a choice of either tomato sauce or mustard to go with rotting ham.

The dem’s had a big problem with a seriously thin bench in 2016 and it hasn’t improved any, arguably it’s worse in 2020 than it was then.

This is what you get when you are stuck in, “Race and Identity Politics” mode.

The radicals pressured him into promising to pick a female minority as VP but that demographic is so thin as to almost be non existent as this situation shows.

I guess the appropriate analagy would have been “a choice between adding lipstick or eyeshadow to a boar ( homophone intended).”

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That fits better, well done!

So why must Biden pick a black female running mate?

Minority pandering

White men are a minority.

Only certain minorities count to liberals.

Libs. I don’t see any Latina names being bandied about.

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She is one of those known Russian collusion liars so I highly doubt it.