Is Kamala Harris already the VP pick?

Here is some evidence that Kamala Harris is already Biden’s VP pick.

  1. Biden has previously said that he will only consider women as his running mate, and Nancy Klobuchar recently withdrew with this statement:

"After what I’ve seen in my state, what I’ve seen across the country, this is a historic moment, and America must seize on this moment," Klobuchar, who is white, told cable network MSNBC. "I think this is a moment to put a woman of color on that ticket."

  1. Democrats allowed Harris to take the lead on the Juneteenth holiday:
    Kamala Harris Joins Forces With Lawmakers To Make Juneteenth A National Holiday

  2. Puff pieces promoting Harris have appeared in the mainstream media in the last few days, while earlier questions about Harris’s record as a prosecutor in California have dropped off the radar. Here is an example of criticism of Harris from two weeks ago.

Scott Adams has been presenting similar arguments supporting his long-held prediction that Harris will be on the Democratic ticket.

Is she already the pick?

Given Biden’s age, health, and aversion to leaving his basement, would Harris effectively be the top of the ticket and not just a running mate?

I hope so.

It will be interesting to see what happens with spinning her history as a prosecutor:

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She’s a bipolar giggly/pouting teenager trapped in a grandmother’s body.

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And what was your take on Sarah palin, pray tell?

Rhodes Scholar?


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Harris will make a fine VP.

Ready to take over the mantle in 2024 when biden doesn’t run again.


Same, she was my initial favorite candidate for president before her campaign tanked and she tried to throw Biden under the bus.

Harris would make an awesome VP, but imagine if she became AG? :flushed:

Did you just wake up from a coma?

Need someone to get you up to speed on current events?


Since he just insulted the Vice President candidate with drivel.

I was wondering what he thought about a truly vacuous person who was a candidate.


Politics make strange bedfellows. Look at Cruz and trump.

What Harris did to biden is infinitesimal when what trump did to Cruz.


Biden has stated that he will choose a woman for the VP slot, and it seems he is being nudged toward a woman of color. That would seem to give Harris an advantage, but I think there are some negatives: 1) she is somewhat abrasive. Even some of my social friends who are liberals seem to be looking around for anyone-but-Harris because they think she’s unlikable. 2) Her record as a prosecutor might not stand up to scrutiny. 3) She doesn’t bring any contested territory, since California’s pretty much a lock for the democrats anyway.

That part is so overrated, IMO… .Last three presidents got elected with a VP from a non-swing state on the ticket.

She’s not some what abrasive but rather totally abrasive.

Out of everybody who ran on that side she would be my last choice by a country mile.

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Scott Adams speculates that Harris has gotten professional assistance to give her a more relayed speaking style.

See video starting 2:15 for a recent example:

Hope her shampoo doesn’t smell too girly. :rofl:

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As opposed to trump who’s a barely lucid, adolescent bully…

Trump supporters complaining about an abrasive personality.



I wanna see her in a bikini b4 I decide? Just sayin…:sunglasses:

I don’t see this mattering. It may actually help. Those who are really upset about the justice won’t vote for Trump because of that, but it may actually attract people who maybe law and order. But, liabilities are only an issue if the other side can capitalize. I don’t see any argument against her that Trump can make a valid argument to attract independents. I honestly think the possibilities of him getting to a win is decreasing by the day.