Is It True That *bama Was Against Changing Whistle-blower Rules To Allow Secondhand Information

I heard an interesting exchange earlier that said they wanted to change the rules during *bama’s presidency to allow whistleblowers to file complaints with secondhand knowledge of wrongdoing, but the *bama administration shot it down.

Unfortunately there was no accompanying article.

Anyone know/remember anything about this??


First you would have to establish that it was ever a requirement that the knowledge be firsthand. This is the law as it was originally passed. I don’t see anything in there that says that only those with firsthand knowledge can make a report -

That’s weird.

I didn’t ask anything about that.


So, you’re asking whether Obama was “against” a change that never actually occurred?

In our OP were you referring to someone wanting to change the whistleblower act to allow secondhand knowledge?

We know about Obama and his spy contractors but not this.

The law didn’t, apparently, ban second hand knowledge.
The form asked you to check if you’re knowledge was first hand.

It would be interesting to see if, before the current case, a whistle blower report was ever allowed through as credible based on second hand knowledge. That should tell us if there was a defacto change in application of the law.

Like that just did?

On the report I heard earlier, it was said something about the *bama administration didn’t want the requirement for investigation of secondhand knowledge claims by whistleblowers when he signed the new law.