Is it illegal to be a racist?

Before you get yourself in a twist. I’m not racist, or think it’s ok.

I was reading an article about some school kids giving a Nazi salute in a class photo. It said the police was investigating.

My question is, what is it they have to investigate? Is it illegal? I don’t approve of it, but how exactly is it the police must investigate a non-criminal activity?

My concern is the slippery slope. There was a time the ACLU defended the rights of these idiots on principle of Constitutional rights. IF a racist rights can be ignored, so can others, eventually to where anyone who says something those in authority doesn’t like will not be protected.

So, if anyone can cite a LAW that requires the police to be involved in this, I want to see it.

Are you upset that it’s being investigated?

Yes, they gone away from enlightenment thinking of the old ACLU. They don’t even know what it means anymore.

Hate crimes are up. Right wing terrorism is up. School shootings are up. Maybe we are in a state of heightened sensitivity to this kind of thing right now.

Compared to when? The 60’S. During Woodrow Wilson’s KKK revival?..

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Not sure about the law, but if a teacher had my kid giving a Nazi salute I might want him/her arrested.

Just stop. Take a crack at the question before you go directly to the character of the poster Jeez people.


They don’t need to be arrested. Society doesn’t accept racism and oppression is illegal. Conditions for minorities in this country are the best in the entire world. Which is why millions of minorities are trying to get in and very few are leaving. We are an amazing country. The fairest and most color blind in the world.

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If a teacher is indoctrinating kids to crap like that, it’s pretty serious ■■■■■ This is all a hypothetical, I don’t think that is what was going on in the picture btw.

No it isn’t illegal to say racist things or make racist gestures. They may be investigating whether or not any of these kids have acted on their apparent racism to do real harm to people.

If they find nothing of the sort, they should drop the investigation and let their parents, school and/or jobs sort it out.

Aren’t you?

Are they really?

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For what crime?

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More people have died or been injured in mass school shootings in the US in the past 18 years than in the entire 20th century.

I dunno, but I’d be mighty angry. Might have to arrest me instead.

That doesn’t support your claim. You didn’t say more people were killed, did you?

Specify how an investigation violates their constitutional rights.

Statistically in regards to number of shootings, your rhetorical implication is correct - I suppose my point was that our awareness and heightened state of alert is up on school violence and hate crimes.

Racism isn’t illegal.

“Rhetorical implication”? Oh, you mean “fact”. Accuracy is important.

If it bleeds it leads.

Correct. It isn’t. In fact I have a right to be racist.

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Yes, you never outright said I was wrong, so I used the term rhetorical implication. Enjoy your rights.