Is fake news controlling how people think?

These college students looked embarrassed after they were informed of the offer Trump gave the Democrats and they should be for failing to think for them selves.


Do you think you are also influenced by fake news?

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You have to remember these are the same people that lied about President Trump colluding with the Russians.

A permanent fence for temp fix for DACA is not a compromise.


Does trump ever spread fake news?

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how’d those real news mass arrests on D5 and D13 turn out for you?

Fake news is definitely controlling how Trumplicans think. They are completely clueless about what is happening with the SCO investigation.


Ya coming from the party who supports a former bar tender who says the world is going to end in 12 years.


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Yeah You’re. You wear partisan blinders well.
A lot of us do on both sides.

fake news, lower and higher education, political correctness…

lots of controls and the revolution will be glorious

What I saw in the video was a bunch of kids that were not well informed. And of course, the video was edited for effect and therefore perhaps not a truthful representation of all of the kids that he interviewed.
The Trump offer was covered by all of the news outlets. And you notice that only the kids that said the Democrats should have taken the deal are included. What do you want to bet that there were kids who asked the question, “why didn’t the Democrats take the deal”? Partizan videos like this are worthless when they are used to support a political stance.

I think that conservatives are terrified of debating anyone informed on issues so they do little college student skits to make them feel better about themselves.

Just look at Steven Crowder and his avoidance of debating Sam Seder.


True, but before that the compromise was calling it a fence or peaches instead of a wall.

I don’t watch FOX, but if I want fake news, I can always tune in.

Epistemic closure, for the win.

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Fake news? Not sure, but what I do know is there are a lot of people out there uninformed to a level of epic proportion.

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Don’t look, but this proves other wise.

From the looks of the video, finding a higher education might be difficult.

I can only imagine the foxnews viewers that wet their pants with joy last week when they saw that Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died